Professional Association Management

RPM, Ltd. is a Nevada Corporation that manages many condominium, townhome, and single family home associations through out the greater Reno and Sparks area.

We maintain a direct working relationship with the Board of Directors of the associations we manage and provide the following services:

Review and Recommendations: Comprehensive review of CC&R’s, by-laws, articles of incorporation, and association rules and regulations. Recommend changes for the board’s consideration. If you would like a quote or further information, please contact Doug McIntyre.

Provide all bookkeeping services. Books are maintained according to standard bookkeeping procedures, and are available for inspection by the Board of Directors at any time. If accounting services are required, the company coordinates its services with the needs of the Association’s accountant.

Bill owners monthly for Association dues, receive and deposit all dues paid in Association accounts, maintain duplicate deposit slips and photocopies of all checks received. Collect special assessments, late charges, and place liens against delinquent property as directed.

Maintain the required bank accounts for accounts payable and reserve accounts, monitor balances, and pay bills in a timely manner.

Prepare an annual budget for Board consideration. Act in an advisory capacity to the Board and Committees on financial matters. Maintain current Financial Operating Statements, and submit to the Board on a quarterly basis: 1) Balance Sheet, 2) Income Statement, 3) Budget Comparison, and 4) Delinquency Report. Assist in the establishment of a Reserve Account, and develop long-range improvement programs. Prepare and submit all payroll employment taxes.

Hire, as required, quality full-service building and grounds maintenance people. Provide personnel qualified in pool, Jacuzzi and sauna maintenance. Supervise routine maintenance of common areas, and implement long-range improvement programs established by the Board. Contact and solicit bids from outside contractors regarding major repairs or maintenance. Maintain job supervision on projects.

Purchasing: Solicit competitive bids on all major purchases and expenditures, including insurance coverage. All bids are submitted to the Board for review and approval.

Attend all Board and Committee meetings, both special and regular. Attend all Association meetings. Arrange for meeting locations and recording of meeting minutes. Mail timely notices of meetings to the Board and Association Members. Provide meeting agendas for all meetings.

Maintain a 24-hour telephone “hot line” to enable Reno Property Management to respond to emergency calls regarding the property. This service is available to Owners, Guests and Tenants.

Ensure that Association rules and regulations are followed by Owners, Guests and Tenants.
Reno Property Management, Ltd. has a full-time staff available to provide these services on a 24-hour basis. The Company uses a well-known Property Management computer program to provide all accounting functions.

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