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I wanted to let you know we could not be happier with our personal property manager...
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RPM has the staff and expertise to manage your single or multi-family residence’s. In addition, we offer a Rent Only Program. We will rent your property for a one-time fee and arrange for the tenant to pay rent and communicate with you concerning all matters - any or all of the services listed below can be provided to you as part of our agreement. If you would like a quote, please call Doug McIntyre at 775 329.7070.

Review and Recommendations:
Reno Property Management constantly reviews area rentals and is able to recommend increases to maximize income.

Advertise units in a manner to attractively present the property to prospective tenants.

Internet Advertising:
All rent ready vacancies are listed on the Reno Property Management internet site & Craigslist.

Accept Applications and Screen Tenants:
All prospective tenants are required to complete an application form. Credit checks and past rental history are checked, and an interview is conducted before an applicant is selected as a tenant. Collection of security deposits are equal to one month’s rent.

File Evictions:
Evictions are filed when required and followed through in a timely manner to allow the unit to be turned over in the shortest time possible.

Inspect properties whenever they become vacant and prepare a maintenance list. Obtain bids for major maintenance items and have all maintenance completed in a way that prepares the property for turnover and protects the financial interests of the owner. Oversee landscape maintenance. Perform semi-annual inspections on occupied units when requested.

Provide all bookkeeping services. Books are maintained according to standard bookkeeping procedures. They are available for inspection by the Owner or their designated party at any time. On or about the 15th of each month a Cash Flow Statement Transaction Register (copies of invoices for work charged to the property) are emailed to the owner. Any funds due to the Owner are deposited via ACH . If accounting services are required for filing tax returns, the company coordinates its services with the needs of the owner.

Maintain a 24 hour telephone Hot Line for tenant to inform Reno Property Management of any emergency regarding the property. This service is available to Owners and Tenants.

Communications (Most Important):
Communicate to the owner status of property. Examples include 30-day notices, evictions, vacancies, and/or any other items concerning the property.

Reno Property Management has a full-time licensed, professional staff to provide the services around the clock.

RPM Is The Answer. For more information call 775. 329.7070 or email us.

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