38 Years Strong

Since 1985, RPM has worked closely with homeowners associations board of directors, guiding them in both physical maintenances of their properties, as well as ensuring a proper and efficient course to fiscal solvency.  With a proven track record, our single-family division enjoys an excellent reputation with individual real estate investors.

We provide peace of mind to all the clients we serve.

RPM’s secret of success is in maintaining open communications on all levels to better address the specific needs of the clients and exceed expectations. 
Regardless of the property size and physical and/or organizational structure, the needs of all parties (owners, tenants, managers, directors, and investors) are always taken into consideration and addressed.
Every aspect of the property is continually given our utmost attention, ensuring the clients’ properties are performing at their maximum efficiency.
Currently, we manage a portfolio of common interest communities worth over $60,000,000. These communities range from the very small to some of the largest in the Reno-Sparks area. The single-family/multi-family portfolio is in excess of $20,000,000 and consists of individual condominiums, homes and apartment complexes.